Welcome to Sea Shutters, Inc. Your search for a beautiful low maintenance exterior shutter has come to an end. If you are like most people, exterior shutters are something that you don’t have time to think about or worry over. Your exterior shutters should be as hassle and worry-free as possible. In 1996, Sea Shutters, Inc. introduced a product line that is destined to change the way we think about exterior shutters. Sea Shutters, Inc. was created to offer a exterior shutter that is not only elegant and functional, but can withstand all that any harsh environment has to offer. Originally, shutters were used to provide protection from the elements while adding aesthetic beauty to your home. Sea Shutters Inc., has not improved that concept, but we have improved the shutter. Using fiberglass and other composite materials, we have created shutter systems that add grace and beauty without any of the maintenance that is associated with traditional wooden exterior shutters. And unlike some shutters, all Sea Shutter’s products come painted and ready to install. Exterior Shutters from Sea Shutters are custom made and finished with your custom color. Our shutters are used as operable shutters and decorative shutters for exterior applications. We are doing the testing for the Florida Building Code so we can offer a true hurricane shutter utilizing fiberglass. Wood shutters simply don't last in exterior applications. Exterior shutters are a wonderful way to decorate the outside of your house. Window shutters are nothing new, but making them out of something durable like Fiberglass is. Our bahama shutter is our most popular balancing protection and energy savings. Secondly would be our colonial shutter with its operable black powder coated hardware adds color and value to your home. We are the manufacturer so we can give you your best deal on decorative shutters. Exterior shutters are made from a variety of materials today: aluminum shutters, wood shutters, vinyl shutters, composite shutters, just to name a few. We chose fiberglass for our shutters because there is nothing as strong and durable for coastal communities as fiberglass. Ask yourself why do they make boats out of the stuff. Operable shutters have long time been used to get a breeze while still keeping bigger objects outside. Exterior shutters are great if your house just needs that something extra to stand out. Exterior shutters can reduce insurance premiums. Exterior shutters are a wise investment. With quality woods shutters becoming harder to find we now are a lot of times cheaper for a true exterior shutter that will last. So if your looking for great Exterior Shutters with the durability of fiberglass give us a call.